The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the Heir beware.

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there cannot be courage

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The Tom Riddle Chronicles: The Murder of the Riddle Family

Using his middle name, Marvolo, Tom discovered his mother’s heritage, and in the summer of 1943, he went to Little Hangleton to learn more about his family. While there, he met his uncle Morfin Gaunt, who thought that this stranger looked a lot like his late sister’s husband, Tom Riddle Sr. Morfin told Tom the story of his Muggle father, which infuriated Tom, who had always viewed his mother weak for dying, and had placed all his hopes of a strong magical heritage on his mysterious father. Tom then proceeded to the Riddle home and murdered his father, grandfather and grandmother with the Killing Curse. He covered his crimes by altering Morfin’s memory, causing him to believe that he was the killer. Tom took the family signet ring from Morfin and later used it to create a Horcrux.

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harry potter + pain

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